When thoughtful, creative people come together they can change the world.

Thoughtful Works provides inspiration, training and tools that help commercial creatives collaborate with each other to do world-changing work. We’re a global community of designers, entrepreneurs, marketers, artists and innovators striving to do work that is considered and considerate, creative and generous, design-driven and mission-led… in a word, THOUGHTFUL.

What we do

Thoughtful WORKShops

Bringing commercial creatives and mission-led startups together to learn from each other

Thoughtful Supply Kit

For anyone who’s thought about changing the world, but isn’t quite sure where to start

Thoughtful Magazine

Stories and perspectives on lifestyle, design and culture making a positive social impact


We’ve also been known to collaborate with the talented people in our community to deliver strategic and creative marketing services for mission-led brands. To find out more, say hello.

Who we are

Founded in 2015 by Daianna Karaian, Thoughtful Works is a social enterprise harnessing the powers of creativity and commerce to change things for the better.

We’re a community of over 6,000 commercial creatives, social entrepreneurs and mission-led brands taking a more thoughtful approach to the things we make, do and buy.

Our vision is to build a global movement of creators making things that make a difference, and inspiring others to do the same. Join us.

Our Founder

Daianna Karaian Thoughtful Works

Our advisory team

Phil Rumbol, Founder, 101 London

Craig Mawdsley, Joint Chief Strategy Officer, AMV BBDO

Robbie Dale, Founder, Make More Dots

James Quarles, CEO, Strava

Dom Boyd, Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis

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