adam&eveDDB + OLIO

Balancing supply and demand with an app update that puts users in a giving mood

“It was great having the breathing space to think about things differently.”

Paul Billingsley, Managing Director, adam&eveDDB

The Team

OLIO is an app that connects neighbours with each other and local businesses so that surplus food can be shared instead of thrown out. This might be food nearing its sell-by date, spare home-grown vegetables, or the bread left in a bakery at the end of the day. Users can upload photos and descriptions of available items, or browse listings available for collection nearby.

We paired OLIO up with a team from adam&eveDDB, one of the most admired ad agencies in the world.

The Brief

Get more new users to list surplus food on OLIO in order to satisfy unmet demand.

The hypothesis testing methods that adam&eveDDB learned in the WORKShops revealed a number of reasons why more new users weren’t listing on OLIO. Some didn’t realise they had surplus food, forgetting the boxes and tins stacked in their cupboards for years. Others didn’t believe anyone would want their surplus food, believing that if they didn’t want to eat it no one else would.

The Solution

A new app onboarding experience. Applying design thinking and fast prototyping tools introduced in the WORKShops, adam&eveDDB designed a sequence of screens to welcome new users to the app. By tackling their reservations from the beginning, removing all distractions and strengthening the call to action, OLIO could put more users in a giving mindset.

The adam&eveDDB team used the WORKShops to flex their product development muscles. They prototyped and live-tested a new user experience anchored by a forced (but fun) quiz that persuades people to think beyond perishables in the fridge, and provides evidence that other friendly OLIO users will snap up just about anything listed on the app.

The Impact

In the month after launching the app update, a whopping 99% of new users completed the onboarding process despite it being longer than the previous one. Most importantly, OLIO saw a 33% uplift in the number of users listing surplus food and 72% more food being added to the app in its most important market—a win for food lovers and waste haters everywhere.

“I’m absolutely thrilled by the output—genuinely extremely excited about where we’ve got to.”

Tessa Cook, Co-founder, OLIO