Thoughtful WORKShops

An experiential learning programme for commercial creatives who want to do more impactful work

Thoughtful WORKShops connect top marketing, design and innovation talent with the most exciting mission-led startups. By helping the venture achieve its commercial objectives, industry participants learn how to make things that make a real difference—to businesses, customers and society.

What you get

Entrepreneurial skills

How to work in an agile and collaborative way with limited resources and information

Business skills

How to drive growth by delivering customer value across products, processes and people

Social purpose skills

How to balance commercial ambition and social mission in a credible and authentic way


And by giving participants the opportunity to build innovative solutions with real business & social impact, Thoughtful WORKShops:

+ Improve employee motivation and retention

+ Deliver impactful case studies that win awards and attract new business

How it works

  • We take SMALL TEAMS of talented marketers and creatives, and we match them up with a for-profit startup that has proven growth potential and a social mission at its core.
  • Through a series of structured and facilitated workshops, we all work together on a LIVE BRIEF to solve a big business challenge for the startup.
  • We break down the problem, challenge assumptions, agree a solution, create a rough prototype, test it, learn how it can be improved, and build OPEN AND SUPPORTIVE working relationships along the way.

What we offer

  • A global community of MISSION-LED STARTUPS. We've built relationships with each and will find you the right match based on your talent development objectives and industry sector preferences.
  • Top-class FACILITATION AND SUBJECT EXPERTISE delivered by a team that's worked in corporates, creative agencies and startups, and knows the challenges and pressures of each.
  • Highly-personalised COACHING AND SUPPORT to ensure everything participants learn during the programme sticks and can be applied back at work.

Marketer, designer or other commercial creative?

Mission-led startup or social enterprise?